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Winter Boss Spawn Series

Date Dec 15, 2013 Views 12074
Dec 23, 2013 00:00

Feb 24, 2014 19:00
Beware the winter cold, Dragons!

Prepare yourselves for our Winter Boss Spawns!
Avoid the cold by staying in and defeating some low to high level bosses


Every Monday
Until the end of February!

December 23rd
December 30th
Janurary 6th
January 13th
January 20th
January 27th
February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th 18th (Tuesday)
February 24th

2x Per day per server

Hefei & Bloody Plains

Rules and Regulations

► GMs will not be held accountable for any injuries and/or coma states of your character.

► Any players who are caught trying to interfere in the event will be punished. The punishment will depend on the severity of player’s actions and intention.

► The GMs have the right not to answer and even ignore players’ enquiries or statements during the execution of the event.

► GamesCampus is not responsible to any outer influence which may cause distortion to players’ activities during the course of the event i.e. server delay, lag, disconnection, server crash, black out, natural disasters, etc.

The GMs have the right to delay, prolong, postpone or even cancel the event based on the progress situation of the event.

► The GMs have the right to make any sudden or last minute change to the rules or format of the event based on the situation.