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[Updated 3/3] Cash Back Bounty

Date Feb 01, 2014 Views 9573
Feb 01, 2014 00:00

Feb 28, 2014 23:59
Cash Back Bounty

Dates: 02/01 - 02/28

For the month of February, GamesCampus would like to reward the top contributors for each game! The more you spend towards premium items, the higher the chance for you to earn extra CC back!


According to the chart, the #1 spender will receive 50% of the CC they spent for the month! 

The Top Spenders list to the right will be updated every Tuesdays and Fridays. On the last week of February, it will be updated on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Restrictions: Only the Top 10 Spenders will receive the CC Bounty at the end of the event. Purchasing CC does not accumulate towards the Bounty; you need to spend your CC in order to qualify.

Top Spenders List
(Forum Nicknames)
1.) krazy3324
2.) Fodstc
3.) TaijiProdigy
4.) OMFGsodumb
5.) kasketh
6.) rahb3126
7.) leonol1
8.) BlueCreator
9.) Lenrir
10.) Noblebaby
11.) Serentipity
12.) EmpressAsuna
13.) sargesix
14.) thaithy
15.) shrimp360

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Last updated: 03/03/14
CC has been distributed to Top 10.