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Lunar Event

Date Feb 03, 2014 Views 13234
Feb 04, 2014 23:00

Feb 11, 2014 17:00
Lunar New Year Event 2014 Year of the Horse!

Event Period
February 4th - February 11th
(event item must be turn in and/or open before 2/11)

Happy New Year!
During the event period, all heroes will receive New Year's Cash Gift upon log-in (1 per account)

Collect Blue Horse Pouches!
Monsters throughout the land that are higher than level 30 will drop
one or more of the following pouches:

Collect as many as you can, and then talk to Moonshine Lady
in the Hefei Marketplace to trade them in for items!

※ Blue Horse Pill, Chewy Rice Cake Soup, Big Dumpling Soup, Blue Horse Lunar Panacea,
Blue Horse Solar Panacea, Red Flower Liquor and White Flower Liquor
 will be deleted during the maintenance of Feb 11.