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[Resolved] On-going Login Issue

Date Jan 23, 2013 Views 4884
(1/23/13 - 17:17)

All maps on Yang server has been reset. Thanks everyone for your patience! 

(1/23/13 - 16:55)

All maps on Yin (PvP) server has been reset.

(1/23/13 - 14:00)

The following maps are down. If you are in-game, please do not enter the following maps because you will not be able to log back in game until we resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Server: Yang
Zhenghou, Jinan, Datong, HangZhou, and North Sea

Server: Yin (PvP)
Maps: BoT Clan Base
, SF Clan Base, WT Clan Base, ZhengZhou, Shi Zhang,
Tibet, HefeiBloody Plain, Loulan, and North Sea

Hello Dragons,

e are aware of the current log in issue. Please do not be alarmed if you cannot connect as we are having technical difficulties with log in server. Please check back as we will be updating this announcement once we resolve the problem. We highly recommend that you don't wait up too long and get some rest...

 Please keep an eye out later tonight for more information.
Or follow us on Facebook to know when the server will be back up!

Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for the interruption to your gameplay!

9Dragons Team