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[Completed] Server Maintenance 298-301

Date Feb 10, 2014 Views 11004
UPDATE (2/12/14) 02:15am - Servers are open and the Olympic Event and Silk Belt Events have been added!

Known issue:
-  Talisman of Snow Kid mob drops

We will be performing a server maintenance tomorrow (2/11) around 5pm PST. It will last approximately 4-8 hours. Please be aware that during maintenance, players will not be able to login into the game.
What will be unavailable:

 Game servers
 Cash Shop

As always, please be sure to check the Twitter box located on 9Dragons main page or FaceBook for updates! Thanks for your patience!

Patch Notes 298 - 301 for Feb. 11th is as follows:

The following will be updated during the server maintenance on February 11th

Changes and Updates:

Lunar Event
• End Lunar event:

•  Blue Horse Pill, Chewy Rice Cake Soup, Big Dumpling Soup, Blue Horse Lunar Panacea, Blue Horse Solar Panacea, Red Flower Liquor and White Flower Liquor was not deleted during this maintenance. It will be deleted during the next schedule maintenance.

Sochi Olympic Event + Silk Belt Event
• Add Sochi Olympic + Silk Belt event:

Known Issue: Monsters are dropping Talisman of Snow Kid