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[Completed] Server Maintenance 309-311

Date Apr 29, 2014 Views 13764
Update (4/30 2:00am): Servers are now open!


Update (4/30 12:04am): Maintenance will be extended another 2 hours due to some unforseen issues. 


We will be performing a scheduled server maintenance today (4/29) around 5:30pm PDT. It will last approximately 2-6 hours. Please be aware that during maintenance, players will not be able to log-in into the game.

What will be unavailable:

— Game Servers
— Cash Shop

Time: 17:30 (5:30pm PDT/PST) server time

Please keep an eye out later tonight for more information. Be sure to check the Twitter box located on 9Dragons main page and/or Facebook to know when the servers will be back up!

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Patch Notes 309-311 for April 29, 2014 is as follows:
The following will be updated during the server maintenance on April 29, 2014

Changes and Updates:

• Routine server check
• Add Dungeon of Conqueror loading image
• Change Dragon Banners (Excellence) property (partial complete)
• Add Elixirs drop to Black Monk Dungeon
Bug Fixes
• Fix crash issue with Wild Tiger Staff

• Fix Wild Tiger weapons option trade (0/30) 
• Fix Spring Dragon weapons property
• Add Ring of Yuan Shao drop to boss of Black Monk Dungeon (red pass)
• Remove Jewels of Conqueror drop in North Sea Icy Palace/Tibet
• Remove Red Stone (Excellence) resource material for Jiaqing's Black Dragon Box
• Fix description for Purple + Red Jewel of Conqueror