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My account may have been compromised


If you feel that your game accounts have already been compromised, you will want to contact Direct Question & Answer (DQA) as soon as you are sure your computer is clean so that we can review your accounts for any possible unauthorized intrusions.

Hacking is any unauthorized access to another person's account, by illegal means or not. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for any damage, harm, lost or deleted characters, etc. resulting from your disclosure, or allowing the disclosure, of any password, or from use by any person of your password.

Please refer to General Guidelines 

► If your account is accessed by another player and assets are stolen or transferred to other players, we will investigate and items that we are able to track down will be removed.

► Any assets sold to another player will not be returned to the original owner.

► If someone gained access to your account as a result of your use of a third party program or other violation of our TOS, all requests for reimbursement will be null and void.

► Deleted character can be restore, as is within requirement frame.

► We are not responsible for any lost items/characters/etc.


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